Photo courtesy of Anna Nouviaire

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Following a bike accident, years of physiotherapy, a lot of metal in my foot, and hours in an anti-gravity machine to learn to use my new foot, I have now returned to my camera.  I have lived and worked in Mexico, Central America and Europe to cover news and issues to do with migration.  

I have travelled all over the world, but there is something magical about Mexico; it is a photographer's playground.  My goal here is to show the real Mexico, the warmth of the people, their cultural traditions, the workers dedicating their lives to improving this beautiful country and the everyday people going about their usual routine.  

I enjoy studying and have now collected a number of qualifications.  I am a qualified lawyer, with 10 years of experience.  I have a BA in history, a graduate law conversion, a postgraduate qualification in business psychology and a masters in war and psychiatry.  

I also have the following certificates:

  1. International Normative Framework in Humanitarian Protection (Disaster Ready)

  2. Humanitarian Part 1: key issues (Disaster Ready)

  3. Photographers Ethical Toolkit (Thomson Foundation)