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Photo courtesy of Anna Nouviaire

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Following a bike accident, years of physiotherapy, a lot of metal in my foot, and hours in an anti-gravity machine to learn to use my new foot, I returned to my camera.  I have lived and worked in Mexico, Central America, Canada and Europe, with a focus on migration stories.     

I now live in Mexico City.  There is something magical about Mexico that drew me in; it is a photographer's playground.  

Before working as a journalist and photographer, I worked as a UK lawyer for 9 years.  I have a BA in history, a law degree, a postgraduate diploma in business psychology and a masters in war and psychiatry, specializing in ISIS and the the trauma of war. I speak Spanish and English.

I have also completed the following courses:

  1. VICE hostile environment training;

  2. Investigative reporting in the digital age;

  3. International Normative Framework in Humanitarian Protection;

  4. Humanitarian Part 1: key issues (Disaster Ready)

  5. Photographers Ethical Toolkit (Thomson Foundation)

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